Type: NewStyle: 6 Passenger, Lifted, Multi-Passenger Brand: E-Z-GoYear: 2020

Outdo yourself by exploring more than ever before with the Express™ L6 series. With room for 6, rugged tires, and higher ground clearance, you’ll elevate everyone’s expectations for a smooth, stylish ride. Boost your drive time with the unbeatable power of our exclusive 72- volt powertrain, our maintenance-free ELiTE™ lithium battery or choose the industry’s first closed-loop EFI powertrain.


  • 13.5-hp gas engine with closed-loop electronic fuel injection
  • Convertible rear seat
  • 4″ lift kit
  • 72-volt AC powertrain for extended range
  • Convertible rear seat
  • 4″ lift kit
    • Zero maintenance lithium batteries
    • Unbeatable energy efficiency
    • Industry leading 8-year battery warranty
    • Proven performance of Samsung SDI lithium batteries



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